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RBHS  Tennis Team Newsletter

               Red Bay High School Tennis  2009 

Please make sure you have signed sheet tennis team form which includes:

Physical form,

 Proof Medical Insurance, 

Sell 20 dozen of KrispyKreme Doughnuts on Wed, Feb. 25,  Deadline Friday, Feb 20,

Drug Screening Policy,

 and STAR sportmanship certificate (Taken 

Please review match schedule;;;;;;;;;If you can't make a match, contact Coach G.

Attention:::ALL PLAYERS:  Sign commitment sheet that you will attend and play in all sectional matches........(check schedule)  

Also, Team Practice Each Wednesday  2:00---4:00   

New Players trying out for 2009 Team

     In order to practice with the team, each new player must pay the - $40 Tennis Athletic Fee  .............

 This fee does not guarantee anyone that they

will play in any tennis match. It only guarantees that the person will be able to practice and be in the team picture.  RBHS has a no-cut policy for tennis tryouts.   Physical form must be turned in before practice by each team member.

Spring Fundraiser      Wed.. Feb. 25th  3:00 pm  Tennis courts

      Deadline for money/order form is Friday, Feb. 20



Krispy Kreme Doughnut Order Forms are available from Coach G 


All members are required to sell 20 dozen of doughnuts. 

Anyone not selling 20 dozen will be charged a surcharge ($60.00)



NOTE:  Any new player wanting to play

on the tennis team after  Spring Fundraiser

deadline, will owe  $40 











If you did not play 6 tournaments in the summer, you should not complain about your position on the lineup.  

(USTA sanctioned tournaments --------------see

USTA Membership $35/year + 25 entree fee

LOCAL Tournaments on Saturday-----------------------JR Circuit

  Local Saturday's (Muscle Shoals, Russellville, Florence, Killen, UNA

 Single's Only- 8 game Pro Sets  $12 entree fee  2 matches minimum


 The lineup is determined  by the coach.   Several things link the position of each player in singles and doubles.  These include: a round robin tournament against each other, years of playing on the RBHS Tennis Teams,  previous sectional tournaments, previous state tournaments. practice time, availability, age,  and finally and most importantly, the opinion of the coach.   

You must put in court time in tennis.  If you have not been on the courts at least 3-4  days on a  weekly basis  during August,Sept,Oct.Jan,Feb  , you are not interested in tennis very much.    Check by the courts everyday. 

 You sure will not  be a good tennis player if you leave the court area at 3 pm  as soon as school is out. Note: If you have a part time job, it will be difficult to be very successful at high school state tennis.

During February, A good high school player will be hitting tennis about 5 or 6 days per week. 3 sets of tennis per day with 30 minutes on ball machine.

For a chance at the state championship, a player will have put 2--4--  hours per day  of quality court time for several years.  Of course, if you are a great athlete, this time could be reduced.  4-7  USTA Tournaments are required to compete for state rankings......................4 to 7 tournaments

Alabama State Closed plus 4 for a state usta ranking......

Private lessons from a tennis professional are essential for competing for a state championship.


You surely played summer circuit tennis tournaments last summer, along with 4 usta tournaments.

Please Note:  Apology from COACH G

Don't take my comments about other teams players very serious.  I usually look at high school players that can be easily beaten by a experienced collegiate player..... A lot of my comments are just in jest......I hope for improvement for everyone on the Tennis Teams.......But if you don't put time in,  you will not be a very good high school player. There is no shortcut to success in tennis.....You must put in court time of 2-3 sets 4-7 days a week.  I have a high standard for tennis. (This is not required, if it was there would not be tennis at Red Bay in my opinion)

Don't take my comments personal as I hope for everyone to enjoy and have fun in tennis.......... hopefully my comments will be constructive criticism and motivate you to play more tennis..............Thanks   Coach G   668-2513

Let's try to DREAM BIG for a high finish at the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and BE POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!

Practice Requirements: 

Check with me regarding practice each day.  Please let me know for conflicts in your spring schedule

Everyone knows Practice is essential  for success, but there are times when you have to miss.

 ( I understand)

We usually try to play doubles 7th  and singles thereafter......

Private Lessons 

 There are several tennis pros in the area in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Corinth, Tupelo --------

Cypress Lkes Country Club-Muscle Shoals, Tim Holmes


Florence   Bob Kresse

Pam Skidmore, Russellville Parks & Rec

John Dugan, Russellville Parks & Rec

Will Lafreney, Corinth or Tupelo Country Club


  Check with Coach G each day------ 668-2513,

 Room SH4 , High School Hallway, Geometry Room

If Temperature of 45-48 degrees and no rain,

more than likely,  there will be practice............ 

Team Practice  Wednesday, 2:00--4:00